All dad's are welcome

Due to demand, we have decided to allow the dads to join you for this wonderful journey into parenthood. Dad will come along with you and will participate in some workshops with you, while at other times, you will be separated and Dad will go off to be dealt with from a dad to a dad point of view.

While you go off to enjoy your relaxation and pamper treatments, we have something special lined up for the dads which we have titled Daddy Boot Camp. That's all we can tell you right now, but trust us he will love it.

Should you prefer your husband to stay at home and look after the house (insert big smile here) please feel free to attend on your own anyway. If dad is a little hesitant to join you, please feel free to tell him to contact us and we will be able to encourage him to come along.

If you have any dad related questions, please do not hesitate to contact
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