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The beginning of your journey into motherhood begins when you see those two pink stripes. Your whole life instantly changes.

This journey has only started...

    "Somehow I think it's the same for all of us, yet so few like to admit it.
    It was hard admitting that motherhood was a far shot from the perfection that the media promotes it as.

    Admitting that there were times that people caught me in a TRACKSUIT with mascara down my face. Realizing that breastfeeding is much harder than expected and that it really does affect the way your boobs look for the rest of your life.

    Letting go of spontaneity (popping), no quick saving for overseas holidays, hell no income at all for anything, and when there is it goes on nappies that kill the earth.

    Feeling guilty that the joy you experience is supposed to outweigh the strife, and in hindsight it does. But in those moments when you are all alone in the middle of another sleepless night with soured vomit on your shoulder and your best friend sailing on a yacht somewhere with some tanned, Mediterranean stud, its hard to have foresight.

    All in all it makes us so much stronger as women, teaches us invaluable lessons about life, makes us value our own parents more than we ever could have imagined and gifts us with eternal love, so who are we to complain :) It all balances out in the end!"
    Bianca Venter, Mother of Kian and Austin

The Concept

At our pregnancy retreat, our sole purpose would be to provide a place of rest, tranquillity and peace while bringing a wealth of must-know knowledge to expectant moms, getting you ready for those post-labour months.

The Workshops

The retreat would cover vital subjects such as Sex After Baby and Baby-Proofing your Relationship through to the rather sensitive topic of PND - basically all those little things that the antenatal classes just don't get to in much detail. We are also including some fun downtime if you will, virgin cocktails around the pool and spa treatments to name a few.

The Price

All inclusive cost for the weekend away is R2 950.00 per person sharing and R3 450.00 single supplement

Retreat Agenda

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Retreat Agenda

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